Drivers CPC Initial Qualification Training

The Drivers CPC Initial Qualification consists of 2 separate tests.

One is the Case Study (Module 2). This test is conducted on a computer, and must be taken at a recognised DSA approved test centre.

The fee for this test is £23.00 (no VAT is charged). This test can be booked online, following links from the website, or by phoning the DSA on 0300 200 1122.

This test can be taken either before or after the Practical Driving Training and Test (Module 3), but must be successfully completed before you can attempt the final Practical Demonstration (Module 4) Test.

To prepare for your Case Study test, you can read the DSA publication entitled Drivers CPC - the Official DSA Guide for Professional Goods Vehicle Drivers, priced at £9.99, and available from good book shops, or online providers.

The second Driver CPC Initial Test is the Practical Demonstration (Module 4) Test. This test takes place at the LGV Driving Test Centre.

The DSA Practical Demonstration Test Fee is £55.00 (no VAT is charged).

East Coast Driver Training Ltd offer full Training and provision of this test. We provide a Study Pack in advance of the Test day, for self study.

A half day is booked to allow training with one of our Instructors, which gives full preparation for the test. The Instructor then drives the Candidate and vehicle to the LGV Test Centre for the test. The test is 30 minutes long, and the Instructor then returns with the Candidate. 

Our Practical Demonstration (Module 4) Training Package, including Study Pack, Pre-Test Training, Provision of LGV vehicle for test purpose, travel to and from the test, and Test Fee costs  a total of £193.00 including Vat.

Please contact us if you would like further information, or to book your training.