LGV Training

East Coast Driver Training Ltd offers all classes of LGV (Large Goods Vehicles) driver training:

Category  C1 – vehicles between 3.5 – 7.5 tonnes MAM. This category is necessary for Candidates wishing to undertake Paramedic training, or those wishing to drive small/ medium horseboxes ect.
Category  C – rigid vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, with a maximum weight of 32 tonnes MAM.

Category  C+E – any articulated goods vehicle, or drawbar combination from 12 tonnes – 44 tonnes MAM.

Category  C1 + E – a C1 vehicle, plus a trailer weighing more than 750kg MAM.

Minimum age for obtaining any LGV licence is 18.

Acquiring an LGV licence can feel a little daunting –  that’s where East Coast Driver Training Ltd can help. If you would like to speak to us, we can explain the whole process, and then send you detailed information, including the D2 and D4 forms to get you started, and details of DVSA publications that you may find useful .

Following the successful completion of both the Hazard Perception and Multiple Choice theory tests, you can undertake practical driver training, in either the C1, C or C+E vehicles.

Practical Training:

On the 15th November 2021 the Goverment changed the Large Goods Licensing Rules and now those Rules are in place you can now do your Training in a C+E vehicle without having passed the Category C Test first. You can still do just the Category C Training and Test if you dont want to drive a C+E Vehicle. Likewise you can do just the Category C+E Training and Test if you already hold a Category C Licence.

For those wanting to go from a Car to C+E we offer Two Courses:

30 Hour Course over 5 Days (6 Hours per day) with UNLIMITED attempts at Part 3A and a Part 3B DVSA On Road Driving Test at the end of the Course is: £1800 + Vat (£360) + DVSA Driving Test Fee £115 = £2,275.00

40 Hour Course over 5 Days (8 Hours per day) with UNLIMITED attempts at Part 3A and a Part 3 B DVSA On Road Driving Test at the end of the Course is £2,400 + Vat (£480) + DVSA Driving Test Fee £115 = £2,995.00

Part 3A is the Off Road Exercise ie Reversing / Un-Couple and Re-Couple which is normally carried out at our DVSA Approved Off Road Area using one of our Assessors. This is included in all Training Courses and must be Passed before you can take the On Road Driving Test.

Costs for Category C or Category C+E Training and Tests 3A and 3B:

20 Hour Course - £1,200.00 + VAT £240.00 + Driving Test Fee £115.00 = £1555.00

16 Hour Course - £960.00 + VAT £192.00 + Driving Test Fee £115.00 = £1267.00

There are two different ways you can carry out your training. This is on a one to one basis and you can carry out the following courses

  • 2 days or 2.5 days
  • 4 or 5 half days (mornings or afternoons)

Therefore, the training can be carried out from 08.00am until 12.00pm or 12.00pm until 4.00pm.

The cost is the same as above as is the amount of training Hours.

Remember these Courses are on a 1 to 1 Basis. No Sharing.

Practical LGV C1 Training and 3A and 3B Tests:

2 Day Course £720 +Vat £144.00 = £864.00 + Driving Test Fee  £115 = Total Cost: £979.00

Additional Training

Extra training sessions, or tailored training courses can be arranged, with minimum driving periods of 2 hours. The cost of training is £60.00 + Vat per hour for Category C and CE and £45.00 + Vat per hour for C1.

If you do not pass your driving test 1st time, retest training can be arranged. To carry out a retest you will require the vehicle and instructor for ½ day, to allow approx 2 hours driving time, and 1 ½ hours for the test.

Costs for C and C+E Retest:
½ day Training £240.00 + Vat  £48.00 = £288.00 + Driving Test Fee  £115  Total Cost: £403.00

Additional training can be organised as necessary, with minimum driving periods of 2 hours. The cost of training is £60.00 per hour + Vat for C or C+E and £45.00 per hour + Vat for C1

Training in Candidates own vehicle – Any Category:

Training courses can be arranged in customers own vehicles subject to certain conditions: Vehicles must meet DVSA test requirements. Contact us for more information, or check online at the DVSA website.     


1 Day (8 hours) £300.00 + Vat £60.00 = £360.00

Driving Test Fee  £115.00                            

Our Vehicles     

Our Training Vehicles exceed the minimum vehicle requirements of the DVSA.  They are Modern, regularly maintained, Well looked after and we take great pride in our vehicles – after all, they are our biggest advert!
All vehicles in our fleet, both Rigid and Articulated vehicles are Automatic. 

The C1 vehicles have Manual Gearboxes.